Module mz_sql::query_model

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attribute 🔒
Derived attributes framework and definitions.
dot 🔒
Generates a graphviz graph from a Query Graph Model.
error 🔒
Defines QGM-related errors and traits for those errors.
hir 🔒
Conversion methods a Model to a HirRelationExpr and back.
mir 🔒
Converts a Query Graph Model into a mz_expr::MirRelationExpr.
model 🔒
rewrite 🔒
Apply rewrites to Model instances.
validator 🔒
Support for validating query graph models.


A Query Graph Model instance represents a SQL query. See the design doc for details.


Enum that describes the DISTINCT property of a QueryBox.
Errors that can occur while handling a QGM model.
An enum consisting of variants corresponding to the different types of constraint violations that can be detected as part of model validation.

Type Definitions