Module mz_adapter::explain_new

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EXPLAIN support for various intermediate representations.

Ideally, the EXPLAIN support for each IR should be in the crate where this IR is defined. However, due to the use of some generic structs with fields specific to LIR in the current explain paths, and the dependency chain between the crates where the various IRs live, this is not possible. Consequencly, we currently resort to using a wrapper type.


fast_path 🔒
EXPLAIN support for FastPathPlan structures.
hir 🔒
EXPLAIN support for HIR structures.
lir 🔒
EXPLAIN support for LIR structures.
mir 🔒
EXPLAIN support for MIR structures.
Tracing utilities for explainable plans.


Newtype struct for wrapping types that should implement the mz_repr::explain_new::Explain trait.