Module futures_util::sink

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Asynchronous sinks.

This module contains:

  • The Sink trait, which allows you to asynchronously write data.
  • The SinkExt trait, which provides adapters for chaining and composing sinks.


Sink for the buffer method.
Future for the close method.
Sink for the drain function.
Sink that clones incoming items and forwards them to two sinks at the same time.
Future for the feed method.
Future for the flush method.
Future for the send method.
Future for the send_all method.
Sink for the sink_err_into method.
Sink for the sink_map_err method.
Sink for the unfold function.
Sink for the with method.
Sink for the with_flat_map method.


A Sink is a value into which other values can be sent, asynchronously.
An extension trait for Sinks that provides a variety of convenient combinator functions.


Create a sink that will just discard all items given to it.
Create a sink from a function which processes one item at a time.